Day Trading PULM

Before we focus on 1 minute charts, step back and look at the last 7 trading days. Try to get a feel for the relative volumes for the current morning...

Day Trading DRYS

DRYS was trading around 1 million shares a minute when it hit the 1.618 Fibonacci Projection at the the high of the day today. DRYS volumes were orders of magnitude above the previous trading day...

First Major Retrace Since SPY Breakout

A bull market of a life time was reconfirmed in July. After more than a year and a half in a consolidation pattern the SPY broke out to a new all time high.

Crude Oil

Crude oil on a trend line that dates back to the 90's. Monthly chart of WTI Crude.

A Tale Of Two Channels

The SPY channel that begin with the October 2011 low remains intact... And the SPY channel that begin with the March 2009 low still remains intact...

Fibonacci Projections And Price Targets

A common characteristic of price action is that it will make a directional move followed by a partial retrace before continuing in it's initial direction. Here is one method used to find potential important zones in the event that this directional move continues.

Using MongoDB To Store Intraday Stock Data

Back when I was looking around for an efficient way to store intraday stock data I decided to investigate Mongodb. Mongo is a document database (Non-Relational) and the user will have to perform any calculations outside of the server.

The S&P 500 Price To Sales Ratio

When involved in longer term investing we need some tools to measure where we are in the market cycle. Below see the S&P 500 Shiller Price to Earnings Ratio (right axis) plotted with the S&P 500 (left axis).

Quantitative Easing in pictures

Presenting the Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing operation in pictures. A quick look at the stages of QE along with the price action of some financial assets.